Yii framework

The last week I have started a new project that requires to learn a new framework. This new framework is Yii, as it home page says: “The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework”. Some time ago I have worked with Zend Framework and Code Igniter and, as someone said sometime, there is no better framework, there is just a set of tools that should be used wisely for the right job.

Yii, was developed and is maintained by Qiang Xue who started the development of this open source framework on January 1st, 2008. Prior to this, Qiang had previously developed and maintained the PRADO framework for many years. Current Yii stable version is 1.1.5 and this is the version I’m going to use. As almost every PHP framework, Yii implements the Model View Controller pattern, a routing system to process the requests and for work with data it has an Active Record implementation. Well, this is the information I already gathered, you can find more on the Yii site.

Yii Framework

Currently, my favorite framework is Symfony and I don’t think that’s going to change, but to improve my learning process of this new framework (new for me), I’m going to post regularly comparisons between this two PHP frameworks. Each post will compare how each framework implements the common functionalities and patterns like the Model View Controller.

So, stay tuned to see how Yii implements the common web functionalities, from a Symfony point of view.

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