Integrating Doctrine: Symfony vs Yii

Continuing with Symfony vs Yii series, in this post will be shown how to integrate the best PHP ORM into our project. The versions that will be used are Yii 1.1.5, Symfony 1.4.8, and Doctrine 1.2.3. First, it will be shown the steps to properly integrate Doctrine with Yii, which has no native connection, but there is a very useful plugin (doctrine-Yii) to do so. Then the same but with Symfony, which will be a very straightforward process… Read More »Integrating Doctrine: Symfony vs Yii

Adding custom information to your Doctrine schema

Sometime ago I needed to add some custom information to each of my Doctrine 1 tables in a schema. It was for  an interesting and time saving functionality I will describe in a future post. For now I’m going to describe how to add and then retrieve custom data to each schema model. First let’s see an example schema:   Post: tableName: post columns: id: { type: integer , length: 20 ,… Read More »Adding custom information to your Doctrine schema

Propel2 and Doctrine2: Together but not scrambled

Eleven days ago, the core team from the Propel Project was discussing about its future. Some thought that this meeting was just to give a final “rest in peace” to Propel, however they could not be more wrong. Propel is more alive than ever!. Many years ago, in the beginnings of 2008, I met a framework, it was our beloved symfony framework, and with it, I met a great ORM (you can guess), it was Propel.… Read More »Propel2 and Doctrine2: Together but not scrambled